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. dangerous times how the fiscal cliff could affect people in california, stay tuned for ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us this wednesday november 28th, i am pam cook.
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>> weather is changing and we are on storm watch right now and we have the first of several storms roaring into the bay area and expect rain and strong winds happening now. we have live team coverage and our crews are in san francisco who are at the richmond san rafael bridge. tara moriarty is watching the morning commute, where is that storm, we can feel it, right? >> now some of the heavier rain, we have to go back here but some of the heavier bands are beginning to inch into the north bay and you can see northern county as well as rushing river, we will keep an eye on that because it will be one of the focuses of the heavier rain nothing too bad yet but up into mendocino county, there will be heavy
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duty rainfall totals and so far there are only 3 / 100s for the south bay. coming up, mark is live at the richmond san rafael bridge, it looks like things are picking up. >> reporter: within the last 10 to 15 minutes, we have a big boost, nothing too extreme but we came out about an hour ago. winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour. as you can see, the rain has been a approaching and with that, the wind has been approaching as well. of course the key concern this morning that is a problem when you add wind and that's a problem. we took the news van to see what drivers were expensing and the strongest winds as you would expect are in the mid-
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span of the bridges. winds are coming out of the south as we get that southerly wind and we actually spoke to chp and we have a tip for driving across this span this morning. instead of driving in the fast lane on the lower lane, it leaves a little bit more room unless the vehicle gets blown more on one side than the other. >> reporter: right here, once again we have seen an increase in wind speeds and a wind advisory is in place until 11:00 this morning with winds gusting to 30-to-40 miles per hour so be careful when you cross the bridge, is san rafael bridge, and san mateo, that will be a concern, the winds will hit the side of your car and you may notice a calm wind and then you will experience a
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gust and that will be watched over the next few hours. tara moriarty is tracking those roadways as well. good morning, mark, we have a spin out on the off ramp there probably due to the rain which mark has been talking about so we advice you to take it easy out there on the -- advise you to take it easy out there. high winds will be kicking in and we will definitely be looking at that as it occurs. traffic is flowing nicely in both directions and no delays into foster city or hayward on the opposite side. in daily city, it was compromised by a water-main break, the water rupture sent thousands of gallons of water into several streets two weeks
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ago. bails of hay and mesh are put into place to prevent more and storm drains have been cleared to make sure the water has a place to go. stay with us throughout the morning around we are monitoring conditions minute-by- minute as they change on the air. also here on our website and mobile apps. there is an investigation happening right now at alameda high school. several fires were reported just hours ago. brian flores is here to tell us why this may be the work of an arsonnest, dave? you can see this is an active scene and you can see the crime tape, some windows are open as well. this remains after an early morning fire inside one of the classrooms and according to
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some investigators, they say when they arrived one of the classrooms had flames coming out of it coming from a nearby window and they quickly put it out. they found one window was opened and it leads them to believe it is suspicious in nature. >> we had a call, once we arrived, we had small fire in one of the classrooms. we quickly put the fire out and the fire is suspicious in nature. >> several books were damaged and possibly some desks as well. you might have mentioned there may have been some spot fires and there may have been some fires in the classroom but investigators were here piecing things together. back out here live, we have not received word on whether school will be closed this morning but if we do, we will definitely
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pass that along. ktvu channel 2 morning news. well overnight, they put out a house fire in the district. that fire started on a top floor just before 10:30 last night. there were several people inside at the time including some children. one girl was treated on the scene, nobody else was hurt. also in san francisco, police are looking for a hit- and-run driver who hit two buses and a car before flipping his own car over. it happened on the street at 1115 last night. we are told it ploughed into a school bus, immune any bus and a car. the suspect landed on the roof. none of the victims in that incident were injured. turning now to 607 at the white house, president barack obama meets with middle-class americans and with corporate ceos. he is pushing his ideas for a
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corporate cliff to renew middle- class tax cuts before they expire at the end of the year. coming up, how the white house is also using social media to rally public support for its position. well 400,000 are watching it happen in washington and that's because of emergency federal unemployment benefits due to expire december 29th unless congress is due to expire. they are noticing the possible loss of benefits which are going into the mail this week. 6:09 is the traffic and certainly could be an issue as we get some rain, let's check in with tara who is in for sal. >> people need to take it slow with the rain coming in. we have a map showing an accident on grant line road and this is sort of a slow stretch
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anyway so of course it is not helping the situation. up next we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights are on so give yourself some extra time and that bong is extending back to the maze on the east shore freeway. you can see in the pittsburgh area, those headlights are westbound as you drive to 680 in concord. no delays aas of yet. here is steve. thank you very much. our system is moving on shore as advertised. the rain is picking up especially towards the north bay and we have wind and rain picking up and most of the heavy rain is still on and off shore right now. things are picking up in the north bay and it looks like it is about over for them and it is beginning to really start to
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intensify and our front still has a ways to go but it is a fast moving system which is not going to stall out. up towards clover dale and lake county, things are beginning to light up and rushing river, not too bad. nothing too heavy, and in marin county, it is starting to move on shore so there is a little bit of an enhancement so out to the east bay this has been light. reports of rain are starting in capitoa but it is later than sooner when they will get the bulk of this but everybody is in on this. rain is picking up at half-moon bay airport and by 11:00 and noon this system is gone blasting through. by 8:00, and 9:00 it is
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moving out by noon. that is the good news and it will not be late until thursday and friday and that's the one we will focus on until we get some copious amounts of rain. and the next system parks itself, and one more system saturday, that looks to take aim at the santa cruz mountains and then things will wind down. more trouble for the oakland police department. one crime in particular went off more than 40% over the past year. she is talking, involving former cia general david petraeus is speaking out. and a sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school event, stay tuned. hey, look! a shooting star!
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on any new volkswagen. visit today. . welcome back, according to the san jose mercury news, they added a second alleged victim of a former priest. that former priest was already the target of another lawsuit last year according him of abusing a former student. this follows the more recent incident when a convicted sex offender was all loud to -- allowed to work as a festival volunteer at the church. people lost whatever little
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possessions they had, city workers cleaned out a large homeless camp. they cleaned up a creek along coyote road and broke down make- shift shelters and threw away any possessions they deemed not valuable. it is part of an effort to deal with a homeless problem and that camp was home to about 80 people. new this morning, three arrests have been made in connection with the deadly fire in bangladesh. 12 people died after the factory caught fire on saturday. three managers were arrested on suspicion of trapping workers inside the building and insisting it was just a drill. they are demanding justice for the workers. also they were making clothing for wal-mart and sears. they discovered clothing connect to the retailers inside the burned factory and wal-mart
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admits to using it in the past but they say they were not aware they were still making clothing for wal-mart. time now 6:15 president barack obama is under fire for not doing enough negotiating about the fiscal cliff. -- fiscal cliff. instead he is taking his pitch to the public. >> reporter: instead of negotiating directly with republicans, president barack obama's schedule is focused on a more public outreach. they ask for public feedback and the obama campaign is more detailed about the president's plan to avid the visibility -- avoid the fiscal cliff. he met with small business owners and he meets with ceos and in middle-class families today and he takes his message on the road friday and republicans say, enough campaigning. >> it seems our friends on the
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other side are having difficulty turning off the campaign, we need sit down and work this matter out. >> reporter: they have a my 2k retch reference to -- reference to the 2,200 dollars tax increase that middle-class americans would see if the bush era taxes are not extended. ktvu channel 2 morning news allison burns. time now 6:16, well the florida socialite involving general david petraeus is now speaking out. jill kelley hired a well-known lawyer in washington d.c. she has released phone recordings that she never tried to exploit her friendship with general david petraeus. they also wrote to the attorney's office demanding to know why her name was revealed during the investigation of the fair of general david petraeus
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and his by owing grapher. just weeks dag by owing graser. just weeks ago, why he may now face new charges in sacramento regarding cat williams. and the oakland police department say more than 11,000 homes and businesses have been broken into and that's an average of 33 a day or one every 43 minutes. police say cars are the most popular target for burglars. we've got to get everybody where they need to do. this is getting windy. we are definitely seeing some wind but nothing too bad as far as high wind advisories those have not been an issue. we have some accidents, one of
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them 580 westbound at grant line road and there is another one which has a lane blocked at 580 east and you can see it is causing some backup here so we will keep an "on it incase it gets worse. the meteorologisting lights are on and it is about a 10 to 15 minute extra weight. finally 280 at the 880 split, this is in san jose as you make your way toward santa clara, how is it going? >> well nothing is going on there, all right, 6:00 a.m., most locations say cloudy and the rain has started in the north bay, but the front is still offshore. so most of the peninsular for san francisco oakland san francisco mountains, it's on its way but not here yet.
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gusts at 31 miles per hour and a half moon bay airport. everybody gets in on the rain party today. tomorrow night is the key for the rushing river. tomorrow night's system may stall. santa cruz mountains may look to take the brunt of the system on saturday. there could be up to 6 to 14 ins of rain we'll see. today the system, now here is what is offshore and that's impressive but it still has a ways to go before it hits the santa cruz coastline but it is inches closer especially up into lake county and -- hillsboro clover teal, heavy rain things are beginning to pick up. so in the north bay, yes the system has arrived and others are waiting especially as it moves into marin county.
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if you are planning to get away for the christmas holiday, according to two agencies, if you leave the saturday before christmas and come back the following saturday, expect to pay more. hotel rates are up 10% but people are willing to pay more to see their families for the holidays. many are having a hard time keeping current on student loans. that is up more than 2% from last year and for the first time, more people are late on student loan payments than they are on credit cards. dreams of going to washington, guess who is now running for congress. coming up, this count recorded the video of what happened when they were held at gunpoint and that's just the beginning of the story that
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. >> ee welcome barks one couple was threatened at gunpoint, they caught it all on tape. they had them driving erratically. the suspect wrestled with the
6:25 am
husband before he was pushed out and the couple drove away. >> any time somebody wants something, it is not worth getting killed over it. property can be replaced. >> nobody was hurt but the suspects were captured just hours later. a third woman is claiming she was sexually abused in the 1990s while attending school. she claims a science teacher abused her and the $10 million lawsuit almost claims the administrators ignored her complaints about the abuse. several others had complaints and they will be having a mediation for all victims. and a controversial incident with cat williams where he is accused of leading police on a chase.
6:26 am
he left a three wheeled motorcycle on the sidewalk. this happened reportedly after cat williams was asked to leave a hotel following a disturbance call. you may remember he was accused of hitting a man in the head with a bottle. former oakland raiders napoleon is running for congress. he is hoping to replace jackson junior who resigned for health reasons. he was elected for the state senate. you may recall he was picked in the 2001 draft for the nfl. and andre ward is called to defend his title in the major box being match. he will square off on january 26th but he is a former middle weight champ. ward is a super middle weight
6:27 am
champ and has a perfect record, one of boxings best pound for pound records. we may be fighting the winds out there, right in. >> that's right. no high wind advisories as of yet and we will let you know if the chp website pops up. you can see the calm are is bobbing around and it is definitely getting windy out there but traffic is looking great. let's look at our maps and you can see there is an incident in livermore and you can see it is a affecting westbound traffic on 580 and then as you head towards that area, that is also impacted your commute westbound. 6:37 let's check in with steve.
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look at the returns off the san mateo coast, that is a pretty good rainfall and in the next hour it will start to fall but it is beginning to come up into lake county, ukiah, there will be some pretty good bursts, from marin county, things are picking up, nothing is too heavy yet, but a want to draw your attention. as advertised, this would come in and it is behaving exactly like i thought it would. it will be a moderate or we will have a high wind warning in until 7:00 a.m. what police in gilroy think may have been the motive for that shooting of eight people inside a home. and residents are preparing
6:29 am
for a series of storms and we will explain more when news continues. ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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. costco is up 4% this morning. >> well, all right, pam, we will say good morning and thank you for joining us, i am dave clark. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, time now 6:30. >> we are on storm watch, strong winds and it is the first of several storms moving into the bay area right now. we have live team coverage for you and tara moriarty is watching your morning commute. claudine wong is standing by in marin county and there are flooding concerns out there. but first let's go to steve paulson for a look at where
6:32 am
that storm is right now, steve? it is here right now and it is really close to the santa cruz coastline and it is inching really close. most locations don't have much in the way of rain but that will pick up in the next half our to about an hour especially skyline peninsular, into the santa cruz mountains and that system right there looks impressive and plus the rain is picking up in the north bay. santa rosa is seeing some rain and let's go to claudine wong, we know it is picking up with the wind, right claudine? >> reporter: it is. if you look up at the street light it makes it easier to see the amount of rain and as you said it moved in and now we are seeing the steadier rain coming in down here. we are looking at a city that
6:33 am
is well-versed in flooding and it is a little town and they have been flooded before in this downtown, so much so that they have taken precautions and put in flood gates and when they know the rain is coming and that the water is rising they will put sandbags and get a pretty good defense among the rising waters if there is some. and we will look at the creek. one of the reasons they may not be worried is because they have been able to monitor it so closely. on the website, this is off the town's website and it shows you exactly where the creek sits. a little under 2.2 and 13 feet is where the creek sits at the lowest bottom so they know they have a ways to go and it is early in the season and that's why you don't see many people worried about it. at this point, sand bags, they
6:34 am
have flooding fog horns and right now we are not seeing any of those problems but if you look at the conditions, you will see steady rain and they watch their creek very closely because if it's going to flood they want to know about it. claudine wong, let's go to tara, because we know when it starts, we start seeing spin outs. that's right, we start seeing vehicle spin outs but we just learned of delays up to 4 hours so make sure you call ahead for flights and we will keep you posted and that's a very long time to wait. now let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge and traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour and at the bay bridge it has been winty and at the san mateo the wind has not kicked in yet but
6:35 am
the cameras have been would beeling around and be a dish wobbling around and we need keep watch on that. ktvu alex savage has a warning for boaters and we will have more on why everybody is being warned to stay away from the beach. alex? >> reporter: let's show you what things look like near the golden gate bridge, this storm and the strong winds associated with it are expected to kick up the surf and create dangerous conditions for boaters and surfers, 55 miles per hour coasts. they are asking you to avoid going into the water together. they are asking boat owners to take precautions and make sure their vessels are not blown
6:36 am
away as they have been associated with the storm. you can expect this storm will be moving into the bay area. for now live in san francisco. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> stay with us for continuing storm coverage. you can monitoring the conditions, you know things can change minute-by-minute and we will have a change coming up, on and through our mobile apps to go. police in gilroy are investigating a driveby shooting that targeted a house packed with people including a baby. you just spoke to the police, what did they say? >> reporter: well police tell me gang solicit were yelled dashis were -- gang slurs were
6:37 am
yelled before the shooting. just after midnight a car pulled up and those inside shot at a parked car and inside a home. eight people were inside the home including three children, one of them a four-month old baby. nobody was hit but witnesses saw a red honda patch back leaving the area after the shooting. they believe this was gang motivated and this is the second shooting they say which happened in the last few taser and they were seeing a downtown in gang related shootings. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating this as arson. a trash can was set on fire in front of the antioch library
6:38 am
and two people reportedly ran from the scene. about an hour later a second fire was started in another trash can and it spread to a van and there was some damage reported but luckily nobody was hurt in either fire. arson was suspected in an unrelate pore much fire. -- pore much fire. they were chained to the building at usc berkeley. they left after school officials agreed to not punch accomplish them. they were locked inside for nearly several hours. they told the the university they need to recrude and have
6:39 am
more minorities. -- recruit and have more minorities. they say the hall is empty and set to be demolished as part of a renovation of the plaza. they are talking about police chief chris moore. moore explains what would have stopped him from stepping down,. tara, what do you know? this storm has caused delays for up to four hours. the wet weather and winds are creating problems for flights so definitely call ahead this morning. looking at highway 4, traffic is starting to slow down but it is still moving okay as you head into concord. we the metering lights on and
6:40 am
there is probably a 10 minute wait if they are not moving well. you can see we have some gridlock which is usual for this time of the morning westbound sunny veil so give yourself some extra time. let's go to steve. it is coming in and it is arriving for some. very heavy rain and chloe up in clear lake said it is pouring. it is right above crystal springs reservoir, 280 at the half-moon bay split, they are picking up gusts up to 40. between wednesday and sunday, that is probably a problem but we will keep an eye on it this morning. you can see our system moving on shore. when you see the yellow and
6:41 am
orange it is right there but they say the red and yellow show things are beginning to intensify here nothing too bad but points to the west, things are beginning to lighten up and really it is what is offshore here, that is what will have to swing and people will have to get to work. that is still a ways away. they said it is not raining too much but by noon it will be donement we are in line for busts of heavy to moderate and
6:42 am
we will focus our attention to the north bay and that could have some heavy rain but it would not be until thursday or friday. rain will give way to afternoon showers and breezy conditions. friday and saturday takes aim at the santa cruz mountains and things winds down monday. pam, and dave. we will have more on the connections to the steroid scandal. an early morning fire at alameda schools, why investigators are calling it suspicious. >> [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. good morning, lots of clouds cover, although the system is really close, but it is pouring especially up towards clear lake, coming on shore in the next 20 minutes to a half hour, there will be heavy rain to the santa cruz mountains. >> and steve, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. steve said the rain is coming so slow down.
6:46 am
that rain is moving and it will cause some slick roads all over the bay area and the winds will cause problems, especially for big risk. also police in gilroy are investigating a driveby one house packed with people including a baby. police believe this was gang related. president barack obama meets with more than a dozen ceos of high profile companies and he wants to get their input how to grow the economy and how to deal with that looming fiscal cliff. they are saying taxes will go up if congress does not act. still on the scene of a fire that may have been intentionally started inside a classroom at alameda high school. brian flores joins us with more on why the fire was considered
6:47 am
suspicious. >> reporter: it looks like police investigators are here now continuing to gather any evidence they can from this suspicious early morning fires. now let's go to video we shot earlier this morning. according to investigators, the fire started roughly around 3:00 a.m. this morning and one of the classrooms had flames coming out of it from a nearby window and they quickly put it out but what they found was one of the windows was opened and it leads officials to believe it is suspicious in nature. >> we had a fire alarm at the alameda high school and we came here and found a fire and put the fire out and the fire is suspicious in nature. >> reporter: now in terms of damage several books were
6:48 am
burned and a window was damaged. police believe there may have been smaller fires but police investigators are here piecing things together. there is not much damage other than to the classroom and they say school will remain normal this morning but the student inside the classroom will be moved to a media center for classes to resume. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. here is a story only on 2. san jose police chief is telling us more about why he has decided to step down after only two years on the job. he revealed what it would have taken to make him stay. he would not be retiring if they put a sales tax initiative on the ballot to pay for more resources and more officers. >> the issue is, they wouldn't even put it on the ballot.
6:49 am
if the taxpayers decided not to fund it, i think we all could have lived with that and they never had an opportunity to vote on it. >> they called it tires because he talked about retirement. nobody is even taking his job. they will need more initiatives to put it on the ballot for another police chief. his name will appear on the ballot and it is the first time roger clemens and sammy sosa has been accused of performance enhancing drugs. they will be announced in january. here is the big question, who will be the quarterback for the 49ers? everybody is wondering, will it be alex smith?
6:50 am
coach harbaugh will decide before practice today. he has filled in for alex smith earlier this month but he is healthy again. they will play the rams again this coming sun tie. there are delays and they just said their flight has been delayed four hours. check your flights before going to the airport because the wind is creating unfavorable conditions for flights. you can see how windy it is here and folks are headed towards the airport and traffic is looking okay at this time. at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on so give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes because we are in the thick of it right now. you can see on the right portion of your screen, it is
6:51 am
bumper-to-bumper so traffic is headed towards sunny veil, let's check in with steve. cloudy skies, rain is picking up but a few people are saying, about now. right on the san mateo coast, they have heard from san bruno and rain is starting to pick up there, it is more about what it says. include me into that pouring. winds up to clover dale picking up as well. not too bad, kent field is only about a 10th of an inch and it is starting to move on shore. look at this, picking up from san francisco all the way down to south san francisco pacifica
6:52 am
and down to the santa cruz coastline, that is pretty heavy rain so if you can wait it out because this will be here for a couple of hours. santa cruz nines not yet, but i would say within an hour or hour and a half, but it is moving fast. there is an edge to this. high wind levels about 34ment we will get a break wednesday night and next system parks it over the bay and areas point north thursday into friday. saturday's system looks to aim towards the santa cruz mountains and winding down on sunday. president barack obama's inauguration is less than two months away and why it will be
6:53 am
a historic one . the court is accused of a veil lent ram badge -- violent rampage in the south bay. before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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. welcome back, dow jones industrial average down 65 points, warren buffet weighing in on the fiscal cliff, he says it is not affecting his long-
6:56 am
term investment decisions. new video to show you this morning, a fire in pacifica and this one started 5:30 this morning. the authorities say it was a one-alarm fire and luckily nobody was hurt. an arrangement was set for atingle teem boy -- teenage boy. they robbed several businesses and killed a man during a carjacking and fired shots at police. yesterday the district attorney announced the boy will be tried as an adult but he is not eligible for the death penalty. the second inauguration will be on january 21st. and that's because for the 7th time in history the swearing in date falls on a sunday but
6:57 am
president barack obama will privately take the inauguration in the white house and then the following one will be in front of everybody. it is called bay light and it will be decorated featuring ever changing pat answer. it is tee signed pie this institution and will stay up for two years. the weather is affecting everything including the flights at fso. >> and the delays are up to four hours so definitely check ahead. it will be four hours and any way be aware of that so if you have a flight this morning, first we are looking at 280 interchange and we have some backups northbound as you make
6:58 am
your way towards santa clara and you can see the headlights are bunked towards the back portion of your screen so it is definitely congested. 580 westbound through livermore and up in the antioch area, we have slow going westbound as you make your way through concord. let's go to steve. rain is picking up, it is pouring in lake county and right on the san matt the coast. that looks pretty intense. we are almost headed in on the cruz -- santa cruz mountains. we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. we have a series of storms coming to the bay area. and gang violence we will tell you what happened, stay right here with us.
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